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Your one-stop tuition hub for English, Math & Science (P3-S4)

Our syllabus is expertly designed by our trainers from Math Heuristics, Heuristics Science and Heuristics English. Heuristics Hub’s trainers have a wealth of experience in teaching thousands of students, in accordance to MOE’s latest syllabus. With a broad range of subjects available, your child will build a strong topical foundation and be able to understand the various subject complexities in both the Primary and Secondary syllabus. 

Heuristics Hub is your all-in-one tuition centre that nurtures your child to achieve their best. Join us today! 


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Primary and Secondary Math specialist


Mr Gene Gan, an educator since 1999, started his journey as a trainee teacher in an MOE school and rose to the rank of Head of Department in Mathematics. Many educators have tapped on his experience in setting Mathematics exam papers. He is a sought-after reviewer of many Mathematics textbooks and guidebooks you see in the market today!

Primary and Secondary Science specialist


Mrs Linda Koh has been a passionate Science teacher and has held Head of Department positions since 1998. To bring her trusted curriculum to even more students, Linda designed and ran physical and online classes that impart the TCR Science answering technique. She is currently working on her fifth publication on PSLE Science Answering Technique.

Primary Science specialist


Teacher Joreen is a mother of three children who excel in their studies. Being a mother brings out her nurturing and patient nature! She has also been teaching children for the past 4 years which mould her pedagogically. With her detailed and expressive articulation, students will be actively engaged in the course of her lessons.

Secondary Science specialist


Teacher Lowell has a wealth of experience in teaching Upper primary Science and Secondary Science. He has a knack of breaking down complex Science concepts into simpler terms which students are akin to. His superb delivery comes with explanation with clarity and succinctness.

Secondary Mathematics specialist


Teacher Kristine has 15 years teaching Secondary and JC mathematics. Students enjoy her lessons as she breaks down complex concepts with succinct explanation that is easy to understand. Her passion in helping them excel in the subject draw students to her.

Primary Mathematics and Science


Mr Hansen Lee has taught over 1,000 local and international students to date. He believes in investing in the education of students, and is always seeking innovative ways to deliver lessons in an interesting manner. He aims to make learning in his classroom fun and invaluable.

Primary EMS specialist


Ms Sayuri Lim is a seasoned tutor with 8 years of experience in Primary English, Math and Science. Under her tutelage, she has produced some of the top students in schools. Her passion rubs off on her students, keeping them engaged in the subject they are learning.

Primary English and Science specialist


Teacher Jason helms the primary English programme in Heuristics Hub. With 15 years of experience teaching English, his students endeared themselves to his anecdotes on the use of the language. His lessons emanate a passion for English which rubs off his charges.

Secondary Mathematics specialist


Mrs Gan has been teaching Upper secondary Mathematics for the past 15 years. Her explanation to mathematical concepts are concise and easily understood. She has brought countless students to distinctions in O levels. Many of her charges have remembered her as a effective and passionate teacher long after they graduated.

Singapore Primary Science Tuition Centre Teachers


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