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Sec2 English Summary & Essay Crash Course

80% of sec 2 students feel overwhelmed with ESSAY assignments; struggling to SUMMARISE  effectively and finding paraphrasing a daunting task! This results in a steep drop in grades as this portion constitute 50% of the English papers. 

Our Sec 2 English Crash Course is your solution! 

- Delve deep into essay techniques that make your arguments shine, 
- master the art of concise and impactful summaries, and 
- learn to rephrase content with finesse. 
- Gain confidence in your writing abilities, excel in exams

Take the first step towards success in your English and experience the difference in grades


Secondary English specialist


Teacher Chel, a dynamic English tutor with proven track record for more than a decade in enhancing language proficiency. Engaging lessons focus on essay writing techniques, and comprehension skills. A clear communicator, Teacher Chel is effective in the classroom to spearhead your grades today.

Secondary English Specialist


Mr Titus Chan is a versatile and well-adept teacher specialising in language and writing. With a law background, his vast and prolific experience in writing will certainly give his classes the cutting edge tools they need to excel in english, writing heavy and language-based subjects.

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