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June Holidays: O Level Core Subjects Revision Workshop

Are you struggling with the O Level core subjects like E-Math, English, and Chemistry? Our specialised O Level programme is here to help!

Our programme focuses specifically on these core subjects, providing comprehensive coverage of all the key topics and concepts, and plenty of practice and support to help you build your skills and confidence.

Our experienced teachers are experts in their respective fields, and have a proven track record of helping students achieve excellent results in their O Level exams. We understand the challenges that students face in these subjects, and will work closely with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

With our O Level Core Subjects Revision Workshop for E-Math, English, and Chemistry, you'll receive:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all key topics and concepts

  • Expert guidance and support from experienced teachers

  • Personalised feedback and coaching to help you improve

  • Practice and revision materials

Don't let these challenging subjects hold you back - sign up for our O Level programme today and give yourself the best chance of success in your exams!

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Workshop Details

I want to register for:


Primary and Secondary Math specialist


Mr Gene Gan, an educator since 1999, started his journey as a trainee teacher in an MOE school and rose to the rank of Head of Department in Mathematics. Many educators have tapped on his experience in setting Mathematics exam papers. He is a sought-after reviewer of many Mathematics textbooks and guidebooks you see in the market today!

Secondary English Specialist


Mr Titus Chan is a versatile and well-adept teacher specialising in language and writing. With a law background, his vast and prolific experience in writing will certainly give his classes the cutting edge tools they need to excel in english, writing heavy and language-based subjects.

Secondary Science specialist


Teacher Lowell has a wealth of experience in teaching Upper primary Science and Secondary Science. He has a knack of breaking down complex Science concepts into simpler terms which students are akin to. His superb delivery comes with explanation with clarity and succinctness.

Secondary English specialist


Teacher Chel, a dynamic English tutor with proven track record for more than a decade in enhancing language proficiency. Engaging lessons focus on essay writing techniques, and comprehension skills. A clear communicator, Teacher Chel is effective in the classroom to spearhead your grades today.

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