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June Holidays:

P6 Math Workshop 

Held in collaboration with Maths Heuristics - equip your child with the skills to score AL1!

Essential Heuristics to score AL1 in PSLE Math!

Packed with higher-order thinking and out of the box questions, our P6 Math workshop is designed to expand your child’s critical problem-solving skills and avoid common errors. Your child will learn how to refine their answering accuracy and apply the fastest method in scoring, with rigorous practice to deepen their concept learning. Score with us today!

Program Details

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About Maths Heuristics


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Mr Hansen Lee
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"After I started Heuristics Science, I was able to frame my answers more accurately. I have improved a lot in organising my thoughts and answering techniques, and getting the keywords right.  As for my MCQs, I was able to make quick decisions and improve on my timing. Mr Hansen is engaging, and he spent a lot of time helping us understand the content better. I am glad I found Mr Hansen and Heuristics Science."

— Jonathan (P6 2020 Student)

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